“Line” Restaurant

Restaurant Dinner | Weekly closing on Wednesday

The “Line” Restaurant is the flagship of “Il San Cristoforo AgriResort”.

Surrounded by a luxuriant citrus grove, the restaurant welcomes customers in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The kitchen is open and the room has 40 seats; the menu offers excellent dishes prepared with typical local products characterized by the DOP, IGP, IGT, DOC, and DOCG brands, combining tradition and innovation, thanks to the imagination and skill of our resident chef. To celebrate the best of every season, Executive Chef Edoardo Giglio combines fresh, regional ingredients to deliver a mouth-watering menu. All carefully selected ingredients feature on a menu that is as perfect for a light lunch as it is for a decadent dinner.

Our idea of cooking is strongly based on tradition and respect for the territory in which knowledge and technique blend with twists and cultures from different parts of the world. With the help of farmers, breeders, and artisans in the Campania region we can maintain a short supply chain, thus achieving levels of sustainability and environmental and food responsibility.

Inside the menu, you will find our three tasting menus: “Terra mia” the one to which we are strongly linked by belonging; “Intrecci dal mondo” which blends our Campania tradition with different cultures of places experienced in different places in the world; and, finally, we have the “A tutto Vegetale” route based mainly on seasonal vegetable products.


Meet our chef

Born in Naples, born in 1987.

His professional training took place at the Ippolito Cavalcanti Hotel IPSSAR Institute, a turning point for his future career in the catering sector. Since then, the immense passion for this work, inherited from his grandfather who was also a restaurateur, has characterized the chef's working attitude.

The professional encounter with other realities such as the French, Swiss, Spanish, and American ones is fundamental. They all contributed to enriching and refining his culinary experience.

His cuisine is mainly based on local products to enhance the raw materials of our land, and also contemplates the contamination of foreign cultures.