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Customized Packages and Routes

We create collaborations and relationships with Associations, Travel Agencies, and Tour operators interested in historical-cultural trips dedicated to the discovery of the local life of the Vesuvian territory. Popular festivals, traditional rites, and typical cuisine are the best occasions both to get to know the locals and to savor the local culture and folklore.

Cultural and historical travel is not a type of holiday that can be improvised. In fact, it is advisable to have a precise organization behind you, which includes both the itineraries, the budget, and the time you have available.

Visiting the archaeological area between Herculaneum and Pompeii and climbing Vesuvius are already planned activities; we offer integrated itineraries and places that allow you to completely merge with the local people and with the wonderful local products. We are able to recommend the best routes, the best guides, and the best cultural routes in the area.

If you opt for a historical-cultural group trip that is in friendship or as a family, we can accommodate ad hoc groups of up to 15 rooms with different accommodation solutions.

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