The Park

Entering from the main boulevard, flanked by a double row of holm oaks, elms and poplars, you can admire two centuries-old pine trees to the west of the hotel and Naples in the background. The boulevard divides the property into two areas with different characteristics: to the South the hill is distinguished by a slow path uphill, which from the pool allows you to reach the parking lots, alternating sunny areas and shady spots to cool off. A waterway visually connects a sculpture, Ianua, which symbolizes the lava flow, with the entrance of the Resort. In this area there is also the “lilac garden” with poplars and willows, ideal shade and shelter trees, surrounded by the sounds of the waterfall. To the North the sweetness of the curves of the hill is accentuated by the ground cover vegetation, a dense perimeter wood becomes a nice reading corner surrounded by greenery and made unique by a permanent artistic installation: Vorago.

The swimming pool, next to the hotel, is hidden by a dune covered by the typical vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub, which thanks to the presence of carobs and cork oaks guarantees privacy and relaxation.
It is possible to admire the splendid view of the Somma-Vesuvius volcanic complex from picturesque points of view conceived in harmony with the design of the slope of the southern hill.

Behind the swimming pool a gazebo, surrounded by shrubs and groups of tilias and holm oaks, guarantees privacy; finally, in the southern area of the park, the pre-existing lemon grove was recovered.

The “San Cristoforo” park is a project by the Boursier Studio Architettura e Paesaggio.