Artisan Panettone

From the skill of our executive chef Antonio Tecchia comes the selection of Artisan Panettone inspired by the territory and tradition.

From the selection of the raw material to the continuous search for new sensations for the palate, the chef Tecchia has combined the recipe of the classic panettone, a typical Italian dessert protected by a disciplinary, with the flavors of Vesuvius and Campania Felix creating a product of excellence recognized at Mastro Panettone 2018 event, organized by the portal and linked to the world of artisan pastry.

Below are the various types:

  • Traditional artisan panettone
  • Handmade amaretto and black cherry panettone
  • Artisan panettone with lemon and white chocolate
  • Artisan panettone with dark chocolate and nuts
  • Artisan panettone with apricot from Vesuvius and almonds

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